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CSX Dividend History and Safety

This post was originally published on this siteCSX dividend history is long and it might make a great addition to an income portfolio. Let’s review the business, dividend history, and payout safety going forward. Business Overview and Highlights CSX is a $57 billion business. The company is based out of Jacksonville, Florida and it employs 24,000 people. Last year CSX pulled in $11 billion in sales and that works out to $475,000 per employee. The company runs within the industrial sector and maintains a solid credit rating (BBB+) from the S&P. This allows CSX to issue investment grade debt...

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Higher Stock Prices… More Volatility… and Portable Coffee

This post was originally published on this siteFor most of the last 9 1/2 years, the stock market delivered higher-than-average returns with almost no volatility. That’s practically unheard of. The tempest of rising and falling prices we’ve experienced over the last two months is the norm, not the near decade of placid seas. At times like these, it’s important to think clearly, maintain some perspective and remind yourself why you own stocks to begin with. I could point to charts and tables that show how a diversified stock portfolio outperforms everything else – bills, bonds, real estate, commodities and precious metals – over the long haul. But consider portable coffee instead… When I travel to Baltimore on business – as I do regularly – I don’t stay at the Four Seasons, the Marriott Waterfront or the spanking-new Sagamore Pendry. I’ve tried them all, but I prefer the Inn at Henderson’s Wharf. It’s right on the harbor. Everything is on one floor. (So there’s no waiting for elevators.) Freshly ground coffee is on offer in the lobby 24/7. There is a nightly wine tasting. And complimentary Grand Marnier and chocolates await when you return from dinner. The problem is that Henderson’s is in Fell’s Point, while our offices are in the historic Mount Vernon district. Since I’m in and out of meetings and – increasingly – video shoots all day,...

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The Retirement Easy Button

This post was originally published on this siteExchange-traded funds (ETFs) are becoming a hot topic with investors. The number of ETFs worldwide has grown from 276 in 2003 to 4,535 in 2017. That’s an increase of 1,543%! So it’s not surprising that an overwhelming 79% of Wealthy Retirement readers surveyed said that they’re planning to allocate new funds to ETFs over the next year. But why have ETFs become such a popular investment? The answer to that question is simple: Because they’re designed to make investing easy. Here’s how. ETFs are baskets of stocks that, more often than not,...

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Why You Should Try Everything Once… Even When Investing

This post was originally published on this site“I have no boundaries. I am totally flexible. I am open to everything, and I pursue everything. I have no more compunction about speculating in Singapore dollars or shorting Malaysian palm oil than I do about buying General Motors.” – Jim Rogers Global investing pioneer Jim Rogers is the ultimate big-picture investor. Ever since his days as George Soros’ first investment partner in the late 1960s, Rogers has spent his life tracking financial markets across the globe. I don’t always agree with Rogers’ strong opinions. Nevertheless, I have always admired – and emulated – Rogers’ openness to investing in anything and everything he can get his hands on. After all, why limit yourself to buying and holding only U.S. stocks? Like Rogers, I believe it’s a big investment world out there. And like him, I am totally flexible. I don’t think it makes any difference whether I make money by trading a currency or by shorting an obscure commodity like palm oil. I’m willing to go wherever the next opportunity takes me… ETFs Make Flexible Investing Easy This flexible investment philosophy explains why I find exchange-traded funds (ETFs) so compelling. Using ETFs, you can invest in everything from stocks to bonds to commodities to currencies across the world. You can invest long or short and even place leveraged bets on whether you...

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Turn a Steady DRIP Into Cash Flow

This post was originally published on this siteThe word “drip” has a negative connotation. It can be an insult – “That guy is a real drip.” It can also mean a leak or not enough water. But when it comes to creating wealth, a DRIP (dividend reinvestment plan) can be the best thing that ever happened to an investor. When an investor enrolls in a DRIP, the dividends are automatically reinvested in the stock at the time they’re paid. So if you own 100 shares of Company X, currently trading at $40 per share, and you receive $100 in...

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